How to Stop Worrying About Being Liked and Risk Being Loved

Accountability without mentoring is heartless.

Mentoring without accountability is pointless.

To create a culture of personal ownership you have to have both.

You have to be able to talk about expectations — but not your expectations —  the ones people have for themselves.

You have to be able to give actionable feedback — not feedback that contains the solution — but the kind that contains a question.

You have to be able to let people go who aren't cutting it — not to be cruel — but because it's cruel not to.

Being a great people manager is incredibly difficult because you have to do all this without letting your individual contribution slip.

It's also why in a world where automation is eating everything, being a great people manager is the closest thing to job security you'll find.

This is why we exist. We believe that great people management is an art form, one that has the power to not only change your world but the lives of everyone you touch.

As we head into the fourth quarter, I hope we'll have a chance to help you get where you want to be.

If you want to make the leap from Superman to Yoda, from individual contributor to great team leader, join us

— Jonathan & The Refound Team

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Jonathan Raymond