Set the foundation you need to lead.

It’s both personal and professional, together.

We take a systematic approach to leadership development, built on the essentials we’ve seen leaders of all kinds need in their work. Built on three pillars (Authority, Alignment, and Accountability), our curriculum helps ensures you have the foundations you need.


Be the leader your team is waiting for.

How do you feel about being an authority? How do your employees feel about authority? Refound training helps leaders find their honest leadership voice—by learning to let go of the unproductive beliefs and habits that we hold about authority, so that you can lead with a balance of curiosity and conviction.

More Yoda, Less Superhero
Our framework for thinking about your role as a coach for your team.
Discover your
leader type.
Identify whether you're a fixer, fighter, or friend with your team.

Get your team on the same page.

Even if you’re motivated to coach and develop your team, it’s the easiest thing to slip on the priority list. Good Alignment focuses on a lightweight system for keeping your coaching alive to help identify growth opportunities, use 1:1s to give feedback, and keep topics relevant over time.

The Soul of the Role
Our process built to support getting clear on the purpose, priorities, and power your direct reports have.
Talking with Your Team
Discover our approach to effective conversations.

Right-size feedback to help your team win.

Giving feedback is a learned skill. It’s a balance of being candid but kind, direct but human. Finding—and staying—in that sweet spot is how you deliver feedback in a way that people respond. We’ve developed a framework called The Accountability Dial™, which provides people leaders with an easy-to-follow guide for how to start and manage performance in a way that makes awkward conversations a thing of the past.

Accountability Dial™
Our approach to navigating and calibrating how your give feedback.
Feedback Practice
Get some real-world tips and samples for how to deliver feedback without fear.

Our approach to leadership can flex to meet your needs.

Get started with one of our programs today and turn your managers into people leaders.

Senior Leader Coaching

One-to-one coaching for executive and senior leaders, designed to create headspace for strategic work, establish clear lines of ownership with the roles that report to them, and take action on the most important feedback conversations.

People Leader Training

Small peer-based group coaching built on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries.

Refound Academy

Self-paced online courses based on the Refound leadership system, designed to transform managers into confident people leaders by cultivating a culture of curiosity, conversation, and clear boundaries.

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