“As a busy manager, I never have time for development. With the journal app, I can build critical leadership skills in a few minutes a day. Game-changing."

— Group Product Manager, LinkedIn


How does it work?

A journaling app for easy, daily reflection

Unique analytics to accelerate your growth and track progress


"How do I access the app again?"

Open the Accountability Journal calendar invite and click. Or use the buttons above.

"I don't see the reflection questions in the journal app?"

The reflection questions show up in the app at the time you selected to reflect. If you open the app at a different time, then the journal app will leave the Goal and Agenda blank so you can design your own.

"I want to reflect at a different time than my calendar invite"

It's easy. Just open your invite and move it to the new time you want to reflect. Yup. That's it. 

"It says it's recording but the duration shows 00:00" 

It's recording. The duration is shown in hours and minutes. It'll turn to 00:01 in 55 more seconds. Just hold on :)

"When I hit the Start button I see it Loading... for a minute. Is something wrong?"

On slower internet connections there's a momentary delay on loading the next page. But nothing's broken, and it will transition to your checklist in a few seconds.

"What are all those metrics when I end my reflection?"

Nothing you need to worry about. But for the data geeks out there, the journal can give you communication stats on the audio it recorded. Curious how many questions you used in your reflection? Or want to figure out how many filler words you and your team are using in a team meeting? Feel free to use the app to explore.

"I have some ideas to improve the journal experience, who can I share them with?"

This is a beta trial. We have lots of improvements on the way on your input would be incredibly helpful. Send an email to simon@refound.com with any questions, suggestions or creative ideas.