The Accountability Dial is your new one-page guide for mentoring the people on your team in a personal way.

Click to download the infographic

Click to download the infographic


 Here are a few tips to put the Dial into practice:

  • Be Granular. Changing old habits is hard. Giving specific examples of what you see — as close to real-time as you can — is the gift great managers give.
  • Highlight Impacts. Help people own the issue by showing them how they are — almost always unintentionally — making things harder for their teammates (or you).
  • Shift as Needed.  If the Mention or Invitation leads to the change you want, it's time to exit the Dial and come back later. If things truly can't wait, start with The Boundary and explain why you couldn't wait.
  • Authority for Good.  Your team needs you to be the boss. That doesn't mean being harsh or cruel, or micromanaging, but to set clear boundaries so they know how they need to grow.

You're welcome to print the PDF, post it on a corkboard, use it to jot down notes, or in a presentation with your fellow leaders. Please just reference and link back to and the book Good Authority when you do.

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