You can manage better

Through step-by-step instruction, Refound Academy video courses teach you how to:

Use practical tools and repeatable frameworks with your whole team
Coach people on the behaviors that support collaboration
Ask questions that spark reflection and motivation
Minimize power dynamics that create defensiveness
Create alignment around ownership and accountability
Delivery difficult feedback with care
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Good Authority

Refound Academy started with a book

How to become the leader your team is waiting for. That’s what the book Good Authority is about.

It’s based on 20 years of executive coaching for startups and Fortune 50 companies, three runs as a CEO, and a handful of shockingly simple tools that make management in a modern organization fulfilling for everyone, at every level.

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with author Jonathan Raymond

Learn how to manage well
in our Refound Academy courses

Good Alignment NEW

Self-paced online video course
through Refound Academy

Learn to structure your one-on-one meetings so they actually make an impact. In this five-lesson course, we’ll help you set up your next 3 months of conversations with direct reports around role clarity, personal growth, and tracking progress. 

A 3-month plan for your one-on-ones that you can repeat with all of your direct reports for years to come
Access to the Good Authority Alignment Tool to create shared accountability agreements and track your progress
Proven step-by-step tips, guidance, and support from the Refound Team

Good Accountability

Self-paced online video course
through Refound Academy

Learn to give feedback that empowers your team through accountability and deep personal ownership. In this course, you’ll learn our proven approach to have the challenging conversations that motivate and inspire positive growth.

A 5-step framework called the Accountability Dial for how to start and manage accountability conversations with your colleagues and reports
Real-world scenarios describing how to apply the Accountability Dial.
Proven step-by-step tips, guidance, and support from the Refound Team. 

Better together

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Learning with us, you're in great company

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What people are saying about Refound Academy video courses

GET Full access FOR $495

"The Good Alignment Tool allowed my team and I to really hone into the essence of their roles. We've been able to take our implicit promises to each other, and turn them into explicit agreements, aligned and clear on what we expect from each other. I feel more confident stepping away from key areas of the organization knowing that my team and I are aligned on what they have full ownership over in the company."

Natalie Nagele

Co-founder & CEO, Wildbit

“This program created a shift in me that keeps paying for itself, over and over.”

John Gillen
SVP, Learning & Development, J.S. Held LLC

"Every day, I mean every single day, I hear from someone on the executive team something meaningful about the coaching they're getting from Refound."

Wes Sloan
VP, Panasonic Energy

"I ran across the Accountability Dial framework which captured every feeling I had about how feedback works that is respectful and hopeful and supportive. The approach you've outlined feels more human-centered than anything I've seen in my career. Can't wait to learn more!"

Elizabeth Vaden
Refound Academy Member